Account Linking

Platform Accounts

For working in a cross platform environment it's going to be very difficult to work on projects if you can test them in the environments you will be publishing to.

CurseForse will now support account linking for console accounts.
You will find these settings on the Connected Accounts page while logged into your curseforge account.

Please note that you do not need to have accounts for these platforms into order to publish mods to them. Account linking in CurseForge at this time is only for facilitating the testing of mods on those platforms

Each platform will have you follow a Single-Sign-On (SSO) flow to connect your platform account to your curseforge account.

The nature of SSO is that it redirects you to sign-in with the actual platform that manages the accounts to do your login, and does not expose your Password or secure credentials to the site requesting the linking. The platform validates your credentials in order to keep your account secure. No Wildcard or CurseForge employees will ever directly ask you for your sign-in information.