Mod Structure Integration

Structure Variants

If all you want to do is add a structure that is functionally identical to an existing structure but has a different model, then you can use this array in the PGD to add your models directly to structures as a variant (players will be able to toggle between the normal look and all available variants via the multiuse menu).

ForStructureTag - the StructureTag of the structure you want to add your model to

ForStructureTierTag - the tag of the StructureSettings that you want your model to appear on (all tiers of structures share the same StructureTag so this is how you assign your model to a specific tier like wood)

VariantName - the name of the variant that will be displayed to players

VariantTag - a unique tag you create for your variant, this should be the same value across all similar variants but should be unique for the StructureTag. For example, if you create a cement version of structures then you want all structures to have the same VariantTag (eg ‘ModID_Cement’)

Variants do not require engrams, items or structure blueprints so all you need to do is add your models & fill out this array.

Additional Structures to Build

Sometimes variants won’t be sufficient as you want to add some logic (eg glass changing transparency) or the existing structure isn’t suitable (eg it has emitters that won’t line up with your new model) and for that you can now add your structure to an existing item so that it will  available as a cycle option during placement.

You will want to set ForStructureItem to reference the item you want to add your structure to and then fill out the AdditionalStructures array with structure blueprints you want to add that item.

Your structure will then show up in this list when a player starts placing that item:

You do not need to create items or engrams for structures added this way.