Cooking & Publishing

Cloud Cooking

Cooking mods & maps for ASA is no longer done on your local machine. We now use a Cloud Cooking service hosted by CurseForge.

The Cloud Cooking service is key to how we can prepare content for cross platform as it relies on platform proprietary software that we cannot distribute to the public.

When you are ready to cook your mods go to UGC -> Share Mod

Select the mod you want to upload from the drop-down and fill in the information for your mod as guided by the menu and select whetehr or not you want the mod to be PC-Only or Cross-Platform and press "Continue" to begin the upload.

After the first upload for any given project this menu will be more condensed.

After your project is uploaded you will be shown a button that can take you to your project page. Here you can monitor the status of your cloud cooking job.

If you are on the Beta DevKit you may see a message about cloud cooking tools not being updated yet. This will be a frequent occurance as the Beta DevKit will likely recieve updates before the cloud cooking tools do.

It is highly recommended that when you start making a mod cross-platform, that you continue to make your updates cross platform.

Tracking Cook Status

On the Project page if you navigate to the "Files" section you will find a list of uploaded build versions. clicking on the name of one of these will open the cluster menu.

Here you can see the status of all the cook platforms relevant to your uploaded build
For PC-Only updates, you will only see Windows & WindowsServer packages

For Cross Platform you should also see packages being prepared for XSX & PS5


After all relevant packages have finished cooking back on the main "Files" page you will see that the build says "Ready For Review" and now shows a new button "Publish Source File"

(Don't worry, it does not actually publish your mod source files)

If the Build Is PC-Only and the project has already had it's initial review then the publish will happen immediately.

If the build is Cross-Platform then it must go through a manual review to adhere to platform certification requirements. Once the build has been approved it will be published to the mod browser