UGC Settings

UGC Settings

Here on the main toolbar you will find some addition buttons.
Of particular importance is the UGC Settings Menu.

Entry Map Name

Note: This setting is only relevant to map mods. non-maps don't need to set it.

By default map mods will load the first alphabetically loaded map in the plugin in SP. But for server there is a convenience that can be provided to them (Nitrado will require this be filled in) by setting what map name is the entry map for your project. This will automatically set the entry map for singleplayer but it will NOT automatically set the map to load on servers. the file will be available in the mods "preview" folder though so that server admins and tools can refer to the file

Even with world partition there is the possibility for maps to have multiple levels and mod authors may generally want to set any one of them as the entry map.

Just set the name of the umap file without extension.
e.g. if this were for  The Island, we would enter TheIsland_WP and NOT TheIsland_WP.umap

Preview Settings

The Preview Settings are extra flare for you mod to be displayed in the "Create Or Resume Game Menu"

You can set a png image of dimensions 1982 x 1000 and please do.

You may also optionally set some text that will be displayed over the image.

The preview window will show you a rough estimation of what you preview settings will look like.

NOTE: Don't forget to save!!!