Additional Information

ARK DevKit Versioning

The ASA DevKit follows a new versioning notation.
The 4 placements represent the following in order from left to right.

The PrimalGameData class for your mod MUST contain "PrimalGameData" in the name
it also MUST inherit from PrimalGameData_ARKNX_BP

Importing assets from the ARK: Survival Evolved DevKit (UE4)

Mod Creators are permitted to use all ARK Survival Evolved assets within their ARK Survival Ascended Mods. The one exception is that Mod Authors may not reupload Official DLC maps as mods.

Mod authors are welcome to import assets from the ASE DevKit and we encourage it if it makes your development efforts easier.

Animation BPS do not support using montages in the animation graph. in ASE this was possible. if you import any Custom animation blueprints that had montages in the animation graph it will crash.

Importing assets from the ATLAS DevKit (UE4)

It's official from the corporate top-boss: creators can use all ATLAS assets within ASA mods as they see fit! 

Only for use within ASA mods, of course.

ARK: Bob's Tall Tales

We're going to be updating the DevKit with all the latest content from the map, as well as the new ARK: Bob's Tall Tales DLC. In the past we would have restricted access to the DLC content for some months via the DevKit, however we'll be including it as soon as possible with this release. Creators are free to mod the content/gameplay systems that derive from ARK: Bob's Tall Tales as long as they continue to maintain the built-in ownership ruleset associated with the new additions. We'll be monitoring mods for how they use the content/systems and any that have modified the permission-ruleset will be removed.