Installing the DevKit

Epic Launcher

The ARK DevKit can be found Here

Installing the ARK DevKit requires the Epic Games Launcher. All updates will be disperse through the Epic Games Launcher.

When you aquire the entitlement for the ARK DevKit you should find two new items added to your library.

It is now more than just a recommendation to use an SSD for the devkit installation. Attempting to work with the ARK DevKit on an HDD  will likely result in tears.

The ARK Devkit also requires ~ 380GB of space. . Please refer to hardware requirements on the Epic Store page.

Stable Editor

One is for the Latest Stable Build (Sometimes called an LKG for "Last Known Good"). This will be build most user will want. this will be the most reliable version and should always have the ability to upload mod updates for cooking

Beta Editor

The second Item will be for a test version of the DevKit, or Public Beta version.

This version may introduce new issues or be more unstable. It will also get earlier access to features and updates that the LKG item. It may often be updated before the cloud cooking tools which will prevent it from uploading new builds until the cloud cooking tools have been updated.