Wireless Exchanges

Pipes & wires have been replaced with wireless connections but the wireless framework is not limited to water & power. It is essentially an abstract way of linking structures together that will allow mods to work interchangeably with each other.

There is now a PrimalWirelessExchange data object that you use to define consumers and suppliers. These are added to the structure’s inventory WirelessExchanges array.

Power Supplier Exchange:

Power Consumer Exchange:

WirelessTag allows you to create unique versions of exchanges (for example, a mod could create a pump that is placed in lava and supplies lava to another mod that has a crop plot consuming lava if they both used the tag ‘Lava’).

WirelessTagOverrides are used to allow that exchange to supply or consume additional types (in this case, power and tek power are different exchanges but we want this exchange to be able to consume both).

SupplyRange & ConsumeRange are as described but keep in mind that consumers need to consume at the highest level of SupplyRange (for example, the tek generator can supply power out to 10K units so consumers need to be able to consume at that range as well).

SupplyRange & ConsumeRange should never both be above 0 (it is not possible for something to both supply and consume).

SupplyLinkRange allows suppliers to link together (for example, in ASA we allow water tanks to link together so that players can connect to a far away intake).

ShowPlacementPreview has 2 functions:

If used on a consumer exchange, then when placing that structure nearby suppliers will show their range (only when you are just outside of the range):

If used on a supply link exchange, then it will call BPDisplayWirelessSupplyLinks while placing which is used to show indicators to nearby suppliers that will be linked:

(note: the blue glow is the supply range which is shown when placing suppliers and the blue arrows

are indicating suppliers it will connect to but are out of normal supply range)


Custom is whatever you want it to be.

Power & Water will provide all the functionality you are used to with wires & pipes.

Fuel & Ammo are not implemented but might be in the future.

Crafting is fully implemented & allows players, dinos and structures to craft from resources in nearby containers (this is superior to resource pulling since it will consume the resources from the source directly instead of moving it). Currently, the only supplier is the Dedicated Storage because the client needs to know the contents and its not feasible to replicate the contents of every nearby container (though you can now flag any inventory to act like a Dedicated Storage by setting UseItemCountInsteadOfInventory to true & it is also possible to store multiple item types this way now).

Wireless Crafting does not work with auto craft blueprints & requires you to add a consumer exchange to your structure’s wireless exchanges.

Item Transfer is entirely for mods. Many mods supply (collect) or consume various items & this should allow them all to work together. For example, a mod might have a structure that picks up nearby poop so they could create an item transfer supply exchange with the tag ‘Poop’ and then another mod might have a compost bin that wants poop so they could create an item transfer consumer exchange with the same tag and then they would link together.

They would still have to handle the moving of poop though. When the supplier collects the poop, it could then iterate through the linked consumers or the consumer could iterate through its linked suppliers when it needs more.