Debug UI

GroundConform Debug UI Walkthrough


Here’s a quick rundown of how to implement and use the very creatively named GroundConform Debug UI. Note that the layout and functionality is highly subject to change as we try to make it more user-friendly and universal. Without further ado, let’s dig into it! We’ll start with implementing it into a level, then go through it row by row.

Press play in the editor.

The debug UI acts as a “buff” to your current character. Press Alt + Q to add the buff.

Note: The first time you enter PIE and add the UI, it may take several minutes to load everything, depending on your editor. During this time your machine might be unresponsive.

You should now have a window in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. You can drag the window by clicking and dragging the “GroundConform Debug UI” header. Pressing Alt + Q again will remove the buff and UI from the screen, not saving any of the previous UI settings.

Use RMB to re-orient the player camera while the buff is active.

Here’s a general overview of what each UI element does.


Player Effects:

Choosing a Dino:

This portion is best explained with a walkthrough.

Killing a Dino:

Click the red, menacing kill button. This kills dinos regardless of tamed status. If the dino wasn’t killed, crank up the kill radius with the dial on the right. You should see a red sphere around your player, this denotes how far the radius reaches.

Choosing Dino Death Anims:

While the system defaults to the dino using a random death animation, you may want to preview a specific death animation to see how it conforms to the ground. This portion is pretty heavily WIP, but it works especially well for single-use purposes.

Time Dilation:

Self explanatory: Slider that speeds up or slows down time.

Stat Anim:

Equivalent of the “Stat Anim” console command. Brings up a bunch of animation performance stats. Toggleable.


Because this UI is technically seen as a “buff” to your character, pressing Alt + Q again will remove the buff entirely, and thus any selections you’ve made or checkboxes you’ve ticked. If you still want to use the UI but want it off your screen, click the tickbox in the upper left hand corner of the window. This minimizes everything. You can still drag the entire window.

Why don’t I see my Dino in the list?

The “Choose a Dino'' dropdown menu uses a data table to get dino references. The table is called DT_GroundConformDinos. If you want to add another dino, click the “Add” button and fill out the relevant information. ObjectRef and ClassRef use the same Character BP. This data table and the underlying struct may be subject to change in the future!